Notary Public Rosboch

Born in Turin, after leaving a classical studies high school, Liceo Massimo D’Azeglio in Turin, he was then awarded a degree in Law at the University of Turin, moving on to a specialisation course to train as a notary public and then carrying out his period of pupillage in the Piedmont capital. After passing the qualification exam enabling him to practise as a lawyer, he then won the notary public state competition and was appointed Notary Public in Turin by Presidential Decree dated 2 October 1981. From the following year, he has worked within the Roll of Notaries Public in the United Districts of Turin and Pinerolo…

Notary Public Bazzo

Born in Turin,after leaving a classical studies high school, Liceo Camillo Benso di Cavour in Turin, she was then awarded a first-class degree in Law at the with special mention. After her degree, she completed a PhD in “Enterprise Governance” at the University of Turin, with a period as Visiting Researcher at Queensland University of Technology di Brisbane (Australia). She passed the examination enabling her to practise as a lawyer and was legal assistant at Banca d’Italia from 2011 to 2014, in the Banking and Finance Supervisory Area.

The Firm

Founded in 1982 by Notary Public Rosboch, the firm operates in particular in the real estate, corporate and succession sectors, following its clients from the pre-instruction phase to post-stipulation assistance. Over the years, it has developed a particular competence in the contractual law, international law, family law, taxation law and banking law, as well as being dedicated to new legislation on real estate execution, declarations of succession and remote auction sectors.