Family and Successions

In family law, lie in our firm, the individual is the main protagonist. Issuing a general power of attorney is above all the most important deed that a person can stipulate to allow a third party, usually a fully-trusted family member, to act in your name and on your behalf. Some deeds, such as the choice of property regime, the establishment of trust funds or cohabitation contracts, have direct consequences on each person’s assets and must be evaluated together with the notary based on the client’s projects and wishes.

Family law also includes consultancy for those deeds that provide aid to a person who will need support as they grow older, such as provisions for advance payments or appointments of court-appointed guardians.

Drawing up declarations of succession and presenting them are the main activities in the successions sector, but the firm’s aim is to follow the client for any matter that is necessary on the death of a beloved one, such as the publication of the will, the waiver or acceptance of an inheritance, a notary’s deed and sworn affidavits. Also, the correct evaluation of the generational transfer of assets is an essential tool for avoid possible conflicts among one’s heirs, at the time of one’s passing. The Notaries public are available for drawing up any type of will and testament, studying the best formulas to carry out the subject’s wishes and prevent possible future disputes among heirs.

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